Sub-Practice Areas

  • Construction components
  • Automobiles and component parts
  • Food products, E-Coli
  • Consumer goods
  • Industrial equipment
  • Chemical admixture
  • Pesticides
  • Adhesives
  • Hydrogen sulfides
  • Sulfates










Product Liability

As law and technology constantly evolve, product liability defense remains one of the most complex and challenging areas of litigation. Palumbo Lawyers’ practice has consistently met and exceeded these challenges with a passionate and experienced team of lawyers representing manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in a variety of products liability cases, including chemical, automotive industry, pharmaceutical and medical device, machine, and numerous other consumer products.

An important service Palumbo Lawyers provides to its clients is counseling on a host of product related issues prior to litigation – the firm evaluates pre-litigation claims, inspects potentially dangerous conditions and renders client-specific legal opinions for all areas of concern. Our experience enables clients to avoid litigation by providing effective counsel on the liability aspects of designing, testing, manufacturing and marketing new products and the development and review of product warnings and use instructions. The firm’s attorneys also present seminars on current trends in the law in an attempt to educate and protect clients from potential lawsuits.

The firm understands the financial impact of product liability claims and utilizes its attorneys’ proven trial expertise to achieve the best results in the most economical manner in defending product claims.  Palumbo Lawyers has successfully resolved many claims through early motion practice, including demurrers/motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment based upon the failure to identify sufficient product exposure and medical causation.

An understanding of the complex technical and scientific theories upon which many of these products liability cases are based enables Palumbo Lawyers’ attorneys to advance the most effective defense. The firm’s lawyers draw upon expert engineers/consultants who are leaders in the field with “real world” experience which allows them to identify and effectively present key information to juries and judges alike. The firm’s trial attorneys not only aggressively litigate claims locally, but also litigate cases with mass-tort global impact. For example, the firm recently litigated against the largest product certification agency in the world for certifying defective cast iron waste and vent pipe manufactured in China.